Adsterra Review 2022 Best Google Adsense Alternative for Your BlogWebsite

Adsterra Review 2022: Best CPM Google Adsense Alternative for Your Blog/Website

Are you a blogger or some sort of website owner who has spent a lot of time and energy building your blog/website only for it to get rejected for monetization by Google Adsense for unknown reasons? Have you recently been looking for a Google Adsense alternative CPM Ad Network to monetize your website? Then this Adsterra Review article is for you. In this article, I’ll be talking all about Adsterra, one of the best Adsense alternatives that pays you to monetize your website or blog traffic regardless of whether your blog/website has been rejected by Adsense or not. Let’s get started.

Adsterra Review 2022 Best CPM Google Adsense Alternative for Your BlogWebsite

What is Adsterra Network (Another Google Adsense Alternative?)

The Adsterra Ad Network is a google Adsense alternative that offers advertisers display advertising opportunities and offers publishers the opportunity to monetize their website like Google Adsense.

When I needed to monetize a niche website I grew from scratch but got rejected about 6 times by Google Adsense, I had to look for an alternative. One of the Adsense alternatives that worked best for me was Adsterra.

Adsterra was founded in 2013 and has grown to be one of the best Adsense alternatives known for connecting advertisers and publishers of all sizes and from anywhere globally without unnecessary fuss (like Google Adsense).

They currently boast of over 30 billion impressions per month, 150,000 successful campaigns, and 18,000 direct publishers stretching across 248 GEOs.

Is Adsterra Good/ Adsterra is Legit? (Adsense Alternatives Review)

If you have been rejected by Google Adsense or you want to add another ad network that can make money off your site along with Adsense, then Adsterra is the network that has proven to be quite lucrative.

You’re probably wondering why I think Adsterra is good for publishers looking for good CPM rates. Well, here are a few benefits of Adsterra:

1. Malvertising is not allowed: Malware, as well as redirects, unsolicited downloads, and alerts, are strictly prohibited on Adsterra. Many ad networks claim that malvertising is not allowed but they actually have annoying redirects that can send your website visitors packing.

Let me tell you a story based on my experience with malvertising. I was monetizing a website with both Adsterra and Adcash for a while but discovered that the bounce rate was growing increasingly higher.

There was no sign of any problems on the site on PC but after trying to access that site with my phone, I realized that one of the ad networks was redirecting people away from my site to Google Playstore or some other sites even though I hadn’t added popunder ads to the site. I traced this terrible phenomenon to Adcash and you can trust that I booted that ad network completely from that website.

Afterward, the website’s bounce rate was reduced by at least 29% and the traffic increased greatly.

2. Instant Approval and no minimum traffic requirements.

3. Nice CPM rates

4. Nice quality ads.

5. Many ad formats (intrusive and non-intrusive) that you can choose from to monetize your website.

Adsterra Review: Adsterra Pros and Cons

Although Adsterra is the best CPM Google Adsense alternative I’ve tried so far based on my personal experience, they still have a few demerits.

In the spirit of being objective in this Adsterra review, here are some Adsterra pros and cons.

Adsterra Pros

  • One of the best Adsense Alternatives on the internet.
  • No minimum traffic requirements.
  • Monetization for mainstream and non-mainstream website traffic.
  • Multiple Ad formats: Popunder ads, In-page Push ads, Banner ads, Native ads, Social bar, Vast (intrusive and non-intrusive).
  • You have a lot of control over how you put ads on your website.
  • Very low minimum payout ($5).
  • Wide range of payment methods or options to choose from: PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, and Tether.
  • Easy-to-use and Detailed Real-time reporting system.
  • Easy to integrate into WordPress or Blogger websites.
  • Availability of Multiple Cost Models, including CPM, CPA, and CPC.
  • 100% fill rate and global coverage with geo-targeted ad impressions.
  • Good Customer Support System.
  • Lucrative referral program.
  • Clean ads and zero malvertising or redirects.
  • Easy API and tracking integration.
  • Three-level anti-fraud protection.
  • Automated payouts twice a month on fixed days, starting from $5.
  • Anti-Adblock features.
  • You can also monetize your Facebook or social media pages with high traffic (Adsterra Smart Direct Links).

Adsterra Cons

  • The platform doesn’t offer demographic targeting.
  • Some payment methods require documentary confirmation.
  • CPM rates may be different depending on the country.
  • Publishers have to go to customer support for significant changes to ad implementation.
  • You can’t create more than one version of an ad format without reaching out to customer support.

Adsterra Publisher Requirements (Adsterra Review)

Adsterra is a legit ad network that is willing to work with most publishers regardless of your traffic volume or the location your traffic primarily comes from. So basically Adsterra has no traffic requirements or requirements for the number of months/years your website should have existed. And they don’t have any other obscure requirements either. They’re pretty much an instant approval Adsense alternative.

Of course, they do have a few Publisher restrictions:

  • No fake traffic allowed
  • No traffic manipulation or traffic exchanges allowed
  • No adult content, drug, or other illegal content is allowed.

Adsterra Ads Formats

1. Adsterra Native Ads

Native Ads are kind of like banner ads but they blend right in with your website theme or into your blog post or articles. This Ad format is best for personal blogs, books, news, sports, education, games, and finance blogs.

Adsterra Ad format native ads

2. Adsterra Vast Ads

Adsterra Vast Ads are short video ads that are presented to your audience either using VAST or VPAID tags.

Adsterra Video Ads on Desktop

3. Adsterra Banner Ads

Adsterra offers some popular banner ad sizes (160x600, 300x250, 728x90, 160×300, 320×50) that you can easily add in between, above, or after your content with a WordPress plugin like Advanced Ads.


Adsterra Banner Ads


4. Adsterra Social Bar

Adsterra started offering the social bar ad format in 2020. When I tried this ad format, I found that they’re like small web push ads and come in 4 formats: In-page Push, Custom Widget, Icon notification, and interstitials.

Adsterra Social Bar Ad format

5. Adsterra Direct Link Ads

You can add Adsterra’s direct links to any element of your website or blog pages including text, images, buttons, etc. This ad format is best for one-page websites, landing pages, downloads, books, file hosting, webinars, referral link, and catalogs.

6. Adsterra Popunder Ads:

With this ad, a full-page ad is open on a new page and does not overlap your website content. This ad is said to be one of the most popular and profitable ad formats, but I think it is very disruptive because it’s very much like a redirect to another site on mobile. Adsterra Popunder Ads format

You can check out these Adsterra ad formats in action on Adsterra’s Ad format demo page.

How much does Adsterra Pay: Adsterra CPM Rates

This depends entirely on your traffic size and the kind of content on your website.

Here’s a screenshot of Ad CPM income from an entertainment website I managed for a while:

Adsterra Review CPM Rates example from an entertainment site

Other than their CPM payment model, Adsterra also has a CPA network where you get paid only when your website visitors actually take a particular action from Adsterra ads. You can learn more here.

Adsterra Payment Methods, Withdrawal Rules, and Fees

Payment Methods

  • Webmoney: $5 (minimum payment threshold)
  • Paxum: $5
  • Bitcoin: $100
  • PayPal: $100
  • Tether: $100
  • Bank Wire Transfer: $1,000 / €500
  • Payoneer: $500

Payment fees

  • PayPal: up to 5.4% of the payout sum
  • Webmoney: 1% of payout sum
  • Paxum: $1 fees
  • Wire Transfer: $50 for USD / $0 for EUR
  • Bitcoin: Network fee
  • Tether: 2% + Network fee

Withdrawal Rules

  • Payment dates are 1-2 and 16-17 of each month, from 9.00 am till 6.00 pm GTM.
  • If these dates fall on weekends or holidays the payments will be processed on the nearest business day.
  • Once you reach the minimum payout amount, the money is put on a two-week hold.
  • You will get the payout during the first payment period available after your hold period ends.
  • Example: You reach the minimum payout amount on June 8. The two-week hold period ends on June 22. The next available payment period is July 1-2. You reach the minimum payout amount on June 17. The two-week hold period ends on July 1. The next available payment period is July 16-17.

Become an Adsterra Publisher

How to join Adsterra (Instant Approval Adsense Alternative)

Step #1: Sign up on Adsterra as a publisher and provide all the necessary Adsterra SSP registration information.

Step #2: Navigating your Adsterra dashboard is pretty easy but here is a small guide.

Step #3: Then you can add your website and configure the kind of ads you want to appear on your website.

Step 4: After that, it’s time to start adding ad units to your website.

For Blogspot, here’s a video demonstration.

For WordPress, there are many ways to install Adsterra ads on your site.

But I would still recommend using Advanced Ads’ free version or Ad Inserter. They’re both pretty popular plugins and you can find out how to add ads to your site using them pretty easily on Youtube.

Become an Adsterra Publisher Today

Adsterra Publisher Dashboard Reporting and Admin Control Panel

The Adsterra self-service dashboard is very easy to navigate for all your ad publisher needs. In fact, I’ve found their dashboard to be much more intuitive and seamless to navigate than many others I’ve tried. And their reporting/statistics, which can show how much income you’re making per ad format or within a set period of time or on a particular website, is also superb.

Adsterra review Dashboard LI


Adsterra Support

You can contact Adsterra via:

  • Live Chat: Usually, there’s someone to help you when you have any questions.
  • Tickets: If you have any questions or need solutions to your account problems, you can easily open a ticket that will always be on the support page of your publisher dashboard for you to reference in the future.
  • Adsterra’s super helpful knowledge base or FAQs.

Adsterra Live Chat Support

Other Adsense Alternatives for Low Traffic Websites/Small Bloggers

1. Propeller Ads vs Adsterra

Propeller Ads is a pretty good Adsterra alternative. For the longest time, I didn’t like the fact that their available ad formats were Popunders, Push notifications, Vignette Banners, In-Page Push, and Interstitials.

So because they had no banner ads I kind of pushed them off to the side. I was also unhappy that I couldn’t set frequency capping to their interstitial ads which I actually wanted to use. This was what led me to use Adcash’s interstitials which unfortunately came with annoying malvertising redirects that disrupted the traffic of the website I was trying to monetize.

After removing all Adcash code from my site, I decided to contact Propeller Ads’ support to get their help with putting frequency capping on their interstitial ads so it doesn’t disrupt the website’s users’ activities by appearing every time. Now I have added Propeller Ads Interstitials to that site with an optimal frequency capping of about 20 minutes for a while now and it’s been making some income.

Propeller Ads works really well with Adsterra and won’t disrupt your users too much if you add the interstitial tag with a frequency capping of about 20 minutes. If you’re interested in Propeller Ads, you can sign up with my referral link.

Adsterra Review Adsterra vs Propeller Ads

2. Revenuehits vs Adsterra

Revenuehits is majorly a CPA model ad network so putting up their banners and various ad formats earns you next to nothing except if someone clicks on their ads on your website.

Adsterra Review Adsterra vs Revenue Hits

3. Adsterra vs A-Ads

A-Ads doesn’t earn much but I can assure you that it’s one of the few good CPM Adsense alternatives I’ve found.

Unfortunately, the only available payment method is Bitcoin and the withdrawal threshold is 0.001 bitcoin for payment to your bitcoin wallet and 0 for withdrawal to

A-Ads’ reporting system/stats is clunky and mostly useless except you want to go from ad to ad trying to figure out how much each ad placement is earning. A-Ads also only pays you referral income for referring advertisers only and there is no referral income for referring publishers.

Adsterra vs A Ads A Ads stats

4. Adsterra vs Yilix

When I was trying to monetize that website, I heard a lot about Yilix. So I decided to try it and placed their code on the site but was frankly not getting any returns.

Apart from the fact that their reporting systems and statistics were total rubbish, each day was just giving eCPMs in the zeros.

Hence, I wouldn’t advise anyone to go with Yilix except if you want to waste your time.

Adsterra Review: Make Money with Adsterra Referral Program

Adsterra Review Adsterra Referral Program

Like many other Adsense Alternatives, Adsterra offers an easy referral program where you earn 5% of the lifetime revenue of new publishers at no cost to the referred publishers.

As far as I’m concerned, this is also a very nice way to make money with Adsterra. In fact, it is a much more profitable way to make money on the Adsterra Ad network and I hope you take advantage of it.

How can you refer more publishers:

  • Talk about Adsterra on your social media channels.
  • Write an educative blog post about Adsterra and add your referral links.
  • Add Adsterra Referral banners around your website.
  • Make a Youtube video reviewing Adsterra and add your referral links.

Join Adsterra as a Publisher

Adsterra Review: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to delete Adsterra Account

To make sure your all-time statistics remain relevant, Adsterra does not delete any zones or websites.

However, you may exclude a domain from the Statistics to ensure that the hidden site doesn’t affect them in any way. To do so:

  1. Click the websites tab on your dashboard’s left-side menu
  2. Choose the domain you don’t need to display anymore
  3. Move the ‘Hide from statistics’ tumbler:

2. How long does it take to get an Adsterra Approval for your website?

On the Adsterra SSP platform, it can take less than a minute and up to 3 hours for your website to get approved to start making money. Ad format code activation also takes about 5 minutes on average. Basically, Adsterra is an instant approval Adsense alternative.

3. Adsterra Earning Tricks

I don’t really have any earning tricks other than trying to improve my website’s traffic so I really can’t provide you with earning tricks. However, I’d like to give you a little warning because I have heard of many accounts getting banned because of fake or bot traffic. Adsterra has a powerful anti-fraud ecosystem to detect and block fake or bot traffic and the platform has shown a tendency to value quality traffic over quantity traffic so you’re unlikely to make much money with these so-called ‘earning tricks’.

4. How to remove Adsterra Ads from your Website

Removing Adsterra ads from your website is as simple as removing Adsterra’s codes from your website the same way you added them. For example, if you added the ad codes with Advanced Ads, you just have to delete the ads where you placed the codes and voila, you’re done with earning with Adsterra Ads.

Become an Adsterra Publisher Today!

Become an Adsterra Publisher

I’ve been using Adsterra for a few months after getting referred by a friend and I’m pretty sure they’re a tried-and-trusted Google Adsense Alternative that you can use to monetize your website/blog even as you keep trying to apply for Google Adsense for your website.

Another thing I’ve seen people doing is adding Adsterra to their websites that already have Google Adsense approval to increase the income. Please note that I don’t have Adsense approval on the only other website that I currently manage so I can’t give advice based on experience so please take this with a grain of salt and do your own research.

I hope this Adsterra review has shown you another way of monetizing your site or blog which has been hitting numerous roadblocks due to Adsense rejections or not meeting the traffic requirements of popular CPM ad networks like, Taboola, Outbrain, etc.

Become an Adsterra Publisher Today

Please leave a comment to let me know if you have any questions about any of the Adsense alternatives I compared with Adsterra which I have actually used. And suggestions are welcome all the time.

If you need an affordable hosting or domain name provider, then you can also read this Namecheap review I wrote based on my personal experience as well.

I wish you the best of luck. Have a good day and thank you.


Moshope Ajiboye is a freelance writer, blogger, and small business owner. She is passionate about writing, financial freedom, learning, and becoming a better person. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram with the same handle: @ajiboyemoshope. She also has a Youtube channel called Pursue Better Me.

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