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Columns App Review: The Minimalist Checklist Task Management app you need

Video Description

These days, there are so many task management apps out there and one common thing I hear people ask for many times is minimalism and simplicity. It’s also something that I really appreciate in, a free productivity app with superb minimalist checklists and task management features.

In this Columns app review video, I will be reviewing the productivity app, formerly known as, which is great for keeping thoughts, notes, tasks, projects, watchlists, and plans organized for teams and individuals. I’ll show you many ways this app can be used as well as the pros and cons of using the app.

If you’re into to-do lists, checklists, minimalism, or cleanly designed productivity apps with little to no learning curves, then may be the productivity app for you.

~Get this FREE productivity app here:


In this video, I will be reviewing the productivity app that I used for a month or so before I switched to another productivity app. This app is great for keeping thoughts, notes, tasks, projects, watchlists, and plans organized for teams and individuals.

However, while using this app, it left a deep impression on me and I would have continued to use it had I not discovered that I had a natural preference for writing my to-do lists rather than typing them.

People use Columns for:

  • Design & Marketing
  • Own Goals/Time Management
  • Software Workflow
  • Work Task List
  • Project Breakdown

Columns Use Cases

How to Use Columns

  1. Example of the Web Dev Roadmap
  2. Example of my french study
  3. Use this to create a Project Workflow from that course
  4. If you don’t like using paper and you want to use the Today System, you can use Columns for your Productivity


I don’t think there’s a premium version now because I tried to look for it but couldn’t find the pricing so we’ll just assume that there’s no premium version even though the app can be used by individuals and teams.


  • Great Web application for keeping your thoughts, notes, tasks, projects, watchlists and plans organized for teams and individuals.
  • Dark Theme on Pro
  • You can easily copy your list and paste it anywhere. You can also copy a list from anywhere and paste it in Columns.
  • Super Simple UI & UX
  • Very Clean design to help you see the big picture of your project.
  • Quick and easy to get started with.
  • Inner headings like the section in Todoist to help you add sub-segments or lower stages to upper stages.
  • You can turn everything into a card: columns, inner headings, etc.

Using the App on Windows and Mac

Installing Columns to your Windows or Mac




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