Expertnaire review can I make money with expertnaire or not

Expertnaire Review 2022: Can I Make Money With Expertnaire? (Read Before You Join)

If you’re a youth living in Nigeria, you’re probably reading this Expertnaire review because you heard about Expertnaire from someone telling you to buy a course so you can start the Expertnaire affiliate marketing dream life of traveling to various countries, quitting your job, and earning 6 figures or 7 figures online.

Or you probably stumbled upon an Expertnaire affiliate marketer’s income report and wanted to know more?

Or you’re active on Twitter Nigeria and you saw or heard that someone called out Expertnaire as an MLM scheme, or was it as a Ponzi scheme?

So you’re probably curious now.

What is this Expertnaire thing all about? Is Expertnaire legit or a scam? Does it truly transform lives so that people can get all the things they’ve always wanted to get such as new phones, new laptops, or new houses? Well, in this article, I will be answering all your questions objectively.

I’m currently not an Expertnaire affiliate and even if I was, you can trust that I wrote this Expertnaire review article solely to give everyone insight into how Expertnaire affiliate marketing works and objectively review the advantages and disadvantages of the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program.

Expertnaire Review Begins: What is Expertnaire All About?

Expertnaire is a Nigerian company that is like an affiliate network for courses and digital products. It’s kind of like a Nigerian Udemy with 80+ courses (last I checked) but they don’t just sell courses, they offer opportunities for Vendors or product creators to monetize their courses/products and opportunities for affiliate marketers to sell those digital products at very very high commissions.

When was Expertnaire Founded/Created?

According to my research, Expertnaire was officially founded on the 10th of May, 2018. Although, the founder, Toyin Omotoso, has said that the first version of the platform was launched some years back but was not successful.

Expertnaire Founder: Who Created Expertnaire?

Toyin Omotosho is the founder of Expertnaire. He is said to be a top internet marketer who has made millions doing internet marketing in Nigeria. He is also the creator of the 72IG Implementation course. He was a student to mentor Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase along with excellent people in Nigeria like Ronald Nzimora, Patrick Ogidi, and Hon Akin Alabi (CEO of Naira Bet).

toyin omotoso founder of expertnaire and the 72IG course.jpg

Expertnaire Review: Is Expertnaire Legit or Scam?

There is controversy surrounding the legitimacy of Expertnaire, its courses, its affiliate marketing model, and its affiliate marketers.

Different people have different things to say. However, although many people feel it’s a scam because they didn’t get the value they expected from some of the courses they bought on the platform, it’s safe to agree that Expertnaire is not a Ponzi scheme platform and it’s not a scam either. At least, not in the way MMM or Racksterli were.

Many people have many things to say about Expertnaire and I want to make this article as objective as possible so I’ll just put up a mixed selection of screenshots of people’s opinions that I got on Twitter. Please feel free to ask me to delete yours if you feel like you don’t want to see it here.

Expertnaire review Expertnaire helped me Expertnaire is a scam Expertnaire review Expertnaire is real Expertnaire review Expertnaire is a waste of money

How Expertnaire works: The Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Program

Expertnaire is an affiliate marketing platform for digital products, most notably, courses.

This is how the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform works. You join the Expertnaire affiliate marketing network (you’ll have to pay something), you pick a course or some courses and you market it. For every course you sell, you get a certain percentage of the income.

For example, if you decide to sell the 72IG Implementation Program, you can market it and with every person who decides to buy the course, you get 25% or 50% of the course fees depending on how you joined the Expertnaire affiliate marketing network.

Expertnaire Pros: Expertnaire is providing some good, how?

1. An Eyeopener

Many people never knew you could make so much money online with affiliate marketing until they got acquainted with Expertnaire and those cashing out big on Expertnaire. Now, many people have started investigating how to make legitimate money online because of Expertnaire.

2. A way to make money online

Expertnaire offers a platform for three types of people to make money: the individuals selling the courses, the affiliate marketers, and the people who buy the courses and eventually monetize what they learned.

3. A place you can put up your high-quality digital products and get others to sell for you.

4. A marketplace for your courses if you don’t want to stress yourself trying to market and you have very tangible results that could entice people.

5. This is a better alternative to marketing Ponzi schemes, MLM schemes, etc.

Expertnaire Disadvantages/Cons: The Real Problems with Expertnaire

expertnaire disadvantages and cons expertnaire review

1. People have taken Expertnaire as a business model in itself.

Many people aren’t taking the courses and learning about stuff on Expertnaire. Many people take the 72IG course and then start selling the Expertnaire dream.

Let me explain it this way, there are hundreds of marketing courses on Udemy from wonderful teachers but after taking the courses, many people don’t decide to sell Udemy to people. Even if they plan to go into affiliate marketing, they pick specific courses that are packed full of value and recommend them to others.

Regular affiliate marketers don’t create Whatsapp groups to talk all about the wonders of affiliate marketing and how it can make you a six-figure earner while downplaying the amount of hard work, time investment, and capital investment necessary to get to where you want to be. I have also noticed that many of them just focus on selling the 72IG course.

Rather than marketing the courses in a valuable way, many Expertnaire affiliate marketers are marketing a dream telling people that just by taking one course, their entire life would change, etc.

2. Expertnaire’s Affiliate Marketing Model

On Expertnaire, the seller of the course takes 40% of the income, Expertnaire takes 10% for hosting and the affiliate marketer takes 50%.

The affiliate marketing models I’ve seen out there aren’t created this way. I did research on this, according to SERPwatch, most modern affiliate marketing programs offer 5% to 30% depending on the industry. According to iDevAffiliate, the typical commission level of digital products and self-development products is 20%.

Does that mean Expertnaire’s 50% affiliate model is bad? No, I’m not saying that. Expertnaire is basically paying affiliate marketers more so they can go all out to sell the products.

But in Expertnaire’s business model, the seller of the course makes less than affiliate marketers meaning those taking these courses are paying 50% to affiliate marketers.

This percentage margin is not bad per se, it’s just weird how affiliate marketers are prioritized compared to the people who gathered that knowledge over some years of their life.

Also, the 40-10-50 percentage share does not apply to every Expertnaire course. Some courses offer only 25%, 35%, etc. I think this is based on the preference of the Vendors. You can find out what I mean when you get to the part of making money as a vendor on Expertnaire.

3. The 72IG Expertnaire dream

Most people on the Expertnaire affiliate program tout the 72IG course like it’s a holy grail course that once you take, you will become an instant affiliate marketer making 7 figures.

They don’t tell you the time and effort it cost them to study and try to implement the 72IG course’s implementation strategies and systems. They won’t tell you how many times the strategies failed for them before they got a hang of how to best use them with persistence.

The 72IG course is not a route to instant wealth even though it does give you access to a lot of knowledge and a year of free access to the Expertnaire platform and the available affiliate courses. It’s just a course with a lot of knowledge but many people market it otherwise.

In fact, I daresay that if you’re very interested in marketing and affiliate marketing, you can gather the knowledge in the course after a few months or years for free. The value of the 72IG course is that you can get all that knowledge presented to you systematically in one course at a go just by paying.

And it’s not knowledge like a programming language where once you write <h1> I sell Affiliate products</h1>, the browser or console (or in this case, the universe) prints out what you’ve typed.

The problem is people are selling it that way.

Marketing of any sort is hard work, it takes a lot of effort and commitment.

So no, the 72IG course may introduce you to affiliate marketing and marketing but you may never earn with that knowledge if you’re not persistent and consistent, that’s something that these affiliate marketers are not explaining thoroughly to their prospects.

4. The Lying Expertnaire Boasters

About half the people you see online touting Expertnaire as the new way of life are just looking for a way to make the money they paid to buy the 72IG course. Some are trying to get started making affiliate income. Some want to be like the ‘mentors’ that brought them into the game who are already making a certain amount weekly/monthly.

What do they have in common? They have not made a dime from the knowledge gotten from Expertnaire. Some have even made one or two sales and nothing else after.

These people share screenshots that don’t belong to them with claims like, “This just entered my bank account”. Or share on WhatsApp, “I’m expecting my affiliate income from Expertnaire this Friday.”

And they don’t share how it took 4 Whatsapp group sessions to get their first sale.

They’re just selling a dream.

Expertnaire Registration: How to join Expertnaire as an Affiliate Marketer

1. Join Expertnaire with 10k

You can make money with Expertnaire selling some of their courses but you don’t need to buy the 72IG course which is currently N62500 to get started if you’re not ready to sacrifice the money.

You can learn digital marketing with any platform and then pay N10,000 to be an Expertnaire affiliate and market any of the various courses on there while providing value to people. This means that by paying 10k, you get access to the courses on the Expertnaire platform and the affiliate links for selling the digital products there.

My advice to you in this Expertnaire review: Don’t market a dream. Market a course that would give you a skill.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll make money with every knowledge and every skill you learn. But there’s a guarantee that you will learn a skill.

Also, please don’t focus on selling the Expertnaire affiliate marketing dream. Don’t create WhatsApp groups where you don’t provide any value but instead tell people what affiliate marketing is and tout Expertnaire and the 72IG course as the only way to make 7 figures in Nigeria. [As you can probably tell, I’ve had experiences with such Whatsapp groups].

Sell the courses to those that need them for one thing or the other, don’t manipulate people to buy a course telling them they’ll make 7 figures when they may never make a penny with that course if they don’t put in the work.

NOTE: I have seen a lot of regret videos on Youtube and I just wanted to let you know that by joining Expertnaire this way, you only earn 25% of the price of the 72IG course. Buying the N62,500 72IG course gives you access to earning 50%.


  • Please have some knowledge of marketing on the internet. Don’t do it if you don’t.
  • Be ready to put in the hard work.
  • Don’t try to smartly pull people into taking courses with the promises of “making 7 figures”, it will backfire on your reputation as a marketer. Courses are meant to educate, not insure people that just by watching a couple of videos, they can be millionaires.

2. Toyin Omotosho’s 72IG Course/Implementation Program (N62,500)

Another way to get a year affiliate account on Expertnaire is by taking Toyin Omotoso’s 72IG course which is currently priced at N62,500. This is the recommended option if you don’t have any experience with affiliate marketing

Based on my research, this is a summary of what is offered with the 72IG course:

  • 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator
  • The original 72IG training course
  • 1-year affiliate account on Expertnaire
  • Webpage Builder & Pre-designed Templates
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Access to the FB 72IG Support Group
  • 50% Commission on the 72IG Implementation Program
  • 2 in 1 Exclusive Bonus which includes the Twitter Money BluePrint and the Done-for-you WhatsApp Income campaigns.

Please note that based on my research, while most other courses on Expertnaire have a 30-day refund policy, the 72IG Implementation course is not covered by Expertnaire’s 30-day refund policy. Refund depends on Toyin Omotosho’s conditional money-back policy where you need to show him the 72IG systems you used that failed to succeed before you get your money back.

After taking this 72IG course, you get both the knowledge and systems in the course as well as the 1-year affiliate account on Expertnaire which gives you access to selling Expertnaire courses.

Expertnaire 72IG Course REQUIREMENTS

  • Be ready to put in the hard work.
  • Be ready to spend a lot of time learning. You’re not going to casually read through this course. You need to carefully study the course so you can use its systems to earn.
  • Don’t expect immediate results.
  • Get ready to make the capital investments needed to make money with some of the 72IG systems.

15 Interesting Courses on Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform

  1. 72IG
  2. PPC Traffic Workshop
  3. Profitable Facebook Ads System
  4. The Study In Canada Masterclass Training
  5. High Paid Freelancer Premium Program
  6. YouTube Profits Blueprint
  7. The Foreign Copywriting Initiative
  8. How To Attract Investors – A Guide For Start-Ups
  9. How to Get Sponsors for Your Music
  10. The High-Score IELTS Program
  11. WhatsApp Marketing Success
  12. Amazon KDP For Smartphone
  13. Amazon KDP Passive Income Generator
  14. The No-Hassle Naija To Canada Japa System
  15. The S.E.D.P. Affiliate CashOut Workshop

Beware: I haven’t taken or bought any of these courses. I’m just recommending these courses based on the fact that they offer a specific valuable skill.

They’re not selling dreams, they’re selling systems that have worked for them in specific areas. Most importantly, they’re selling knowledge, skills, and solutions.

Success takes a lot of hard work, skill, expertise, failure, and sacrifices. Success also takes time and people have different timelines for success so don’t sell them a dream that you’re not sure they can work hard enough to get.

How to Promote Expertnaire Affiliate marketing Products/Courses

There are many ways to promote Expertnaire’s products. You could:

  • Write a detailed review of the courses
  • Promote the courses to beginners interested in learning those courses
  • Create a Youtube video talking about what you learned from the courses.
  • The Whatsapp Status > Class > Sales system
  • Ad > Whatsapp Class > Sales Systems
  • Ads > Landing Page > Opt-in page > Sales page and closing Systems

Expertnaire Review: Make Money as an Expertnaire Vendor

Although you can make money as an affiliate marketer on Expertnaire, it’s not the only way to make money. You can make money as a vendor selling digital products via their platform.

That is, put up your products and let affiliate marketers help you sell your products.

How to List your Digital Products on Expertnaire’s MarketPlace as a New Vendor

STEP 1: Read Expertnaire’s Terms and Conditions about operating as a Vendor on Expertnaire.

STEP 2: Send the details of the product you want to list to the Expertnaire platform. And the products have to be original products you created and not products you have resale rights to.

Here’s what you’re sending to [email protected] with the subject line – Request for New Vendor Application:

  • The URL for your product’s sales page.
  • Access to the product’s delivery system so Expertnaire can check if the process is simple and ensure the product quality.
  • The percentage you intend to pay affiliates for each copy sold.
  • Your customer support info.

STEP 3: If your product is approved, you will need to create a vendor account to track your sales. The vendor registration fee is N25,000 a year and is non-refundable.

STEP 4: After your vendor account has been created, Expertnaire will set up the sales page for your first product on Expertnaire and make it available to affiliates.

Check out more information on how to be an Expertnaire Vendor/Product seller here.

Alternate Affiliate Marketing Networks: Alternatives to Affiliate Marketing with Expertnaire

Why do you need an alternative Expertnaire affiliate marketing program? For me, I believe it is a wise idea to dip your hand in all the affiliate marketing pots to see what affiliate marketing networks work for you.

Most of the other affiliate marketing networks I know are free even though you may face some difficulty getting into some like ClickBank as a Nigerian.

Here is a list of Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform alternatives:

  1. ShareASale
  2. Click Bank
  3. Jvzoo
  4. Kartra
  5. Warriorplus
  6. Commission Junction

There are many others but these are some of the most popular ones. You can do your research to find them. Of course, you can also review products, courses, or software you have used. A few examples:

These are reviews on products I have used. So you don’t have to join an affiliate marketing network to be an affiliate marketer. Just by talking about stuff you’ve used, recommending something you found useful even if it’s a book or a course, you’re an affiliate marketer.

Expertnaire Review Conclusion: The Expertnaire Truth Explained with Pictures

expertnaire review the expertnaire truth 1expertnaire review the expertnaire truth 2

Affiliate Marketing With Expertnaire Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. How to Join the Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Program for Free?

It seems impossible to join expertnaire for free but it’s not. If you have marketing experience, you can partner with someone already on the platform and promote some of the courses to those interested in taking them. Afterward, you take some of the percentages of their income for your first sale. This can get tricky because you’re both selling with the same affiliate link so the best option would be to help your prospect personally register.

Take the money from that sale, register with Expertnaire by paying the 10k yearly affiliate marketer price and then sell with your affiliate links.

2. Can Expertnaire Crash?

I have no idea whether or not it will or can crash because although there is a lot of controversy around the platform, many vendors or digital creators are still listing their products there and many affiliate marketers are still marketing the products they find there so whether it will crash or not, I can’t tell. We can only wait and see.

3. Can I Get a Refund on Expertnaire?

Yes, if you bought anything on Expertnaire and you are not happy with your purchase, you can ****ask for a refund of your money within 30 days after the purchase was made. This money-back guarantee, however, does not apply to the 72IG implementation program.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections to make, please leave a comment and I’ll reply to you as soon as I can.

Have a good day.


Moshope Ajiboye is a freelance writer, blogger, and small business owner. She is passionate about writing, financial freedom, learning, and becoming a better person. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram with the same handle: @ajiboyemoshope. She also has a Youtube channel called Pursue Better Me.

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