how to add favicon in wordpress

How to add a favicon in WordPress or change your WordPress site icon + Tips

In today’s WordPress tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to add a Favicon in WordPress or how to change your site icon on WordPress.
I also share how to create your WordPress Favicon with Canva and two ways to change your WordPress site icon in five minutes or less. Then, I share tips for choosing your WordPress site icon. Enjoy!

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Today, I’ll be showing you how to add a favicon to your wordpress site or how to change your wordpress site icon. I will also be sharing tips to help you choose the best favicon for you.

What is a WordPress Favicon or Site icon? It’s a small icon that represents your website or blog in web browsers.

You’ll most commonly find favicons on tabs at the top of the web browser. In addition to this, favicons also appear in the bookmarks bar, browser history, search bar, and mobile search results in iOS and Android.

You can simply think of your WordPress site icon or favicon as your APP icon on mobile which is pretty much the branding people use to differentiate your site, ecommerce store or blog from other sites.

Now that you understand how important WordPress favicons are, let’s get down to the tutorial and please stick around till the end to get my tips for choosing your WordPress site icon.


Create a simple favicon on Canva by searching for LOGO

  1. Log in
  2. Two Ways to Change WordPress site icons
  • Choose to customize from the Admin Bar / Go to Appearance > Customize

Cons: The only downside is that it won’t add favicon formats for all devices. For most sites, this is totally fine, though .

  • Use the favicon by realfavicon generator plugin to add favicons for all devices
  1. Requirements of WordPress site icons: (512 x 512 pixels), Simple and Visible
  2. Upload Site icon

Choosing your Site Icon tips

  • Using the default favicon for your WordPress site looks sloppy and unprofessional.
  • You can spend 5-30 minutes to create a favicon for your wordpress site on Canva
  • Keep your favicon simple. Don’t overcomplicate things. For a blogger or freelance writer, a letter or a simple symbol works. Or you can use signature style like Adam Enfroy’s site.
  • Not more than 3 characters if you want your icon to be distinguishable.
  • Don’t be so fixed on creating a distinguishable icon if you’re just a new blogger or a freelancer writer. Pick something fast and if you think of something else, you can change it in a few minutes.
  • Don’t go all out trying to choose the perfect color to match your theme. Black and white can work too. If you’re using other colors, use one primary color and white like blue and white.


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