21 Lucrative Side Hustles For Introverts That Can Replace Your Job

21 Lucrative Side Hustles For Introverts That Can Replace Your Job

Interested in legitimate side hustles for introverts that can replace your job? You’re in the right place.

These days, having a job can barely provide you with enough funds to pay your bills let alone save and invest. There is also low job security and you can be fired at any time. The best way to supplement your income and maybe replace that stressful job is to start a side hustle.

So the question you should ask yourself now is are you going to wait till you are knee-deep in debt or till you’re fired before you start a side hustle? Hopefully not.

If you’re an introvert like me who loves working alone and avoiding troublesome social interactions, many side hustles are probably not suitable for you.

And that’s why I created this blog post. To show you the side hustles for introverts that you can start not just as a side hustle but also as a side business that could become your main business.

Here are 21 Flexible and Lucrative Side Hustles for Introverts That Can Replace Your Job:

1. Freelance Writing

side hustles for introverts #1 freelance writing

One talent that many introverts – not all introverts – share is writing. Maybe it’s because of how much time we spend in our own heads, but introverts tend to be very good at expressing themselves with written words.

And regardless of what type of writer you are, there are so many suitable writing-related freelance careers for introverts who enjoy writing. Some of them are:

  • Article or blog writing
  • Creative writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Copywriting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Technical Writing
  • Ebook Writing
  • White Paper Writing, etc.

Of course, one thing you should know before taking on this side hustle is that you don’t just need a good writing talent, you also need a strong sense of responsibility and time management skills. As a freelance writer, you need to deliver top-quality work that is not just well-written but also well-edited and proofread. And you have to deliver your work before deadlines or to meet deadlines. That’s the only way you can succeed as a freelance writer and retain loyal and well-paying clients.


  • You can choose the clients and gigs you are interested in (This is not so possible for a beginner but it’s very possible when you become an established freelance writer).
  • This side hustle can become a full-time job.
  • You can choose your working hours and work location (This is a side hustle where you can work from home or while traveling).
  • No chatty colleagues disturbing you.
  • You don’t have to work so hard on networking. Once you’re able to pick up a couple of good-paying long-term clients wi, you’re okay.


  • When you’re just starting this side hustle, you may not really get paid well for your hard work.
  • There is a lot of competition in the freelance writing business. But even so, there is competition everywhere, are you going to let that stop you?

2. Explore Other Freelance Side Hustles

side hustles for introverts #2 freelance careers

Although there are different types of introverts, I believe that freelance is one of those careers that really suits introverts.

Not only do most freelance jobs allow you to work remotely wherever you are, but they also allow you to schedule your working hours and your means of communication with a client. And when you’ve become better established in your industry, you can also choose what gigs and what clients you are interested in working with.

And the best part about freelancing is that there is a wide spectrum of available jobs for you to choose from other freelance writing. Therefore, if you’re an introvert who is not so good at writing but you’re interested in being a freelancer, you can explore freelance side hustles such as:

  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Social Media Management
  • Book Reviewing

3. Start a Blog

side hustles for introverts #3 Start a blog

If you have a knack for writing, you can also start a blog as a side hustle. When you create a blog, you’re creating a space where you can express yourself. You can talk about your inner convictions or about topics that you’re passionate about or knowledgeable about.

One of the best reasons why starting a blog is on this list of side hustles for introverts is that you can write and manage your blog from your home or anywhere you want. And you can also do it at any time you’re free even if you have a hectic or full-time job.

However, it is important to note that although a blog can be a great source of passive income for introverts, it also takes time to build a functioning, and eventually paying blog. You should also note that a blog will never gain traction if it doesn’t provide value to its readers. Therefore, even though you’re building a blog as a side hustle, the first thing on your mind should always be, “how can I provide value to my audience?”

Once you understand how to provide value to your readers and actually provide value, you can then start making money blogging with things like affiliate marketing, sponsorships, carefully chosen display ads, and so on.

And even when you want to start making money with your blog, avoid being salesy or taking advantage of your audience in any way. How? By providing value even as you make money with your blog. For example, exposing them to products that solve their problems even as you earn affiliate income.

If you think that you could commit to actually building, managing, and monetizing your blog, you can take this free course from Problogger for starting a blog.


  • This is a long-term side hustle that will bring you lots of passive income if you persevere and remain consistent.
  • Your blog can become your full-time job (maybe).
  • You’ll be able to meet and touch the lives of many like-minded people with your blog.
  • You’ll learn, unlearn and grow in so many areas of your life.


  • A blog is not an easy side hustle to maintain and it requires time and capital investment.
  • Blogging involves more than just writing. If you only have great writing skills and you’re not willing to learn other skills such as marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, social media management, etc., you may not go very far in building a profitable blog.
  • Blogging is a long-term investment. You need to work hard at it even if you don’t see so much return on investment (ROI) at the early stage of your hard work.

4. Write, Publish and Sell an Ebook

side hustles for introverts #3 create and publish an ebook

Another one of the low-stress side hustles for introverts is creating an ebook filled with valuable information, publishing it, and selling it. Technological advancements have made life easier and you don’t need a publishing company to write, publish and sell a book. You can do that all on your own from the comfort of your home.

If you’re wondering what type of ebook you can create, you can write an ebook related to your area of expertise or something that you’re really knowledgeable about. You can also write short stories or novels creatively and publish them. If you’re not so good at writing but you have an idea and you have funds, you can hire a freelance writer with experience writing about the niche of the ebook you want to write.

To write a valuable ebook, you will need to sit down and do your research to understand your target audience and their pain points. Then use your ebook to provide solutions to their problems. After editing, you will also need to get another set of eyes for editing or proofreading help, preferably a professional editor or proofreader. Then you can self-publish by putting up your ebook for sale on your website, on Amazon, or any other ebook marketplace.

As long as you have a book that gives your audience value, you’ll definitely be able to get people to buy your book as long as you market it well. If you don’t have an audience on your blog or an email list, you can also acquire customers with social media ads or Google ads.


  • Depending on your capabilities and the type of ebook you want to create, creating an ebook can be really cheap or somewhat expensive.
  • You don’t have to have a college degree to write a value-filled ebook.
  • This is a low-stress side hustle for introverts that could generate a lot of passive income for you if you go about it the right way.
  • After a short-term money and time investment during the creation of your ebook, you can continue selling for years (if it’s an evergreen ebook).


  • Writing a value-filled book is easier said than done. It takes a lot of time, capital, and work investment.
  • Marketing an ebook can be quite difficult. Just like marketing any goods and services, it will take effort and certain marketing skills to get people to buy your ebook.

5. Become an Online Transcriptionist

online transcriptionist side hustle

If you have good hearing and you’re a fast (and accurate) typist, a side hustle that you can explore is transcribing audio.

What do transcriptionists or transcribers do? They listen to audio or video files and turn what they hear into written documents for creating transcripts, records, captions, and subtitles.

Apart from general freelancing companies like Fiverr and Upwork, here are some legitimate companies that offer work from home transcribing job opportunities for anyone interested in being an online transcriptionist:

Special Tip: If you’re interested in becoming an online transcriber, you can check out this guide to making money as an online transcriber or this free mini-course to jumpstart your transcription career. You can also explore a scoping side hustle (editing transcripts of official court proceedings) by taking this free mini-course on scoping.


  • You don’t need a degree to transcribe online.
  • You can work from home or anywhere you like.
  • You can make a good side income with this side hustle.


  • Transcribing is not as easy as it sounds.
  • Transcribing is a time-consuming and effort-intensive job. Among income streams, It definitely falls in the category of earned income.

6. Explore the Opportunities in the Podcasting Industry

explore the podcasting industry 2

Apart from starting your own podcast (which is also a side hustle idea for introverts), there are many side hustles for introverts in the podcasting industry.

Although many of the job opportunities in the podcast industry are full-time jobs, there are still part-time and freelance jobs for:

  • Sound Engineers or Audio Technicians
  • Podcast Hosts
  • Podcast Producers and Associate Producers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Voice Actors
  • Content Curators
  • Script Writers and Editors
  • Podcast Transcribers

Pros & Cons

Unfortunately, I am not in the podcasting industry and I also couldn’t find out much about the inside news on the opportunities in this industry so I can’t really provide you with the pros and cons related to it as I did with some of the other side hustles for introverts on this list.

If you’re interested, please do your research, take courses, read books, or reach out to people in that field to ask them about it.

7. Become a Website or App Developer

side hustles for introvert #7 become a web or app developer

If you have programming or coding skills, you can start a side hustle as a website or app developer. You can either work as a freelance developer or a part-time developer.

Apart from working as a freelance web or app developer, you can also develop websites or apps that you can sell off or build a subscription service on. If you build a useful app that solves people’s problems, people would definitely purchase it and share it with their friends and family.

While application and website development are considerably lucrative side jobs, not just anyone can take it up. Although you don’t need a degree, it requires immense dedication, determination, and discipline to learn website or app development. And trust me when I say I know about it because I tried to learn web development and failed to commit to it.

Don’t be discouraged by my woeful story though, I’m a really lazy person and I happened to encounter WordPress (for website and blog design) so that was probably why I never actually disciplined myself enough to sit down and learn to code.

Special Tip: If you’re interested in learning website or app development, there are so many free and paid resources on the internet that you can take advantage of including Youtube, FreeCodeCamp, CodeAcademy, Udemy, Treehouse, and W3Schools.


  • Contrary to popular or unpopular belief, you don’t need a degree to be a web developer.
  • There are so many web and app development jobs available for entry, intermediate and expert level developers.
  • You can make a lot of money as a freelance, part-time, or entrepreneur web or app developer.


  • You need a lot of determination, discipline, and dedication to learn Website or Applications Development.
  • It may take a while for you to learn, understand and master web or app development.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing side hustle

Another great side job on this list of side hustles for introverts, if done correctly, is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is endorsing or recommending products or services to others.

Affiliate marketing is a very popular source of passive income. This is because many companies are looking for people to refer their products or services in exchange for small commissions or a small percentage of the price of the product.

And the best part is you can do this from your home or anywhere you want on various platforms including your blog, podcast, youtube channel, or even your social media accounts.

However, it is important to note that there are many different types of affiliate marketing programs out there. So it would be wise for you to look carefully at all the terms and conditions before you leap (Always remember this Nigerian slogan, “Shine your eyes”).

It is also important that you don’t promote any products or services that you’re not sure of. (Please avoid this so you don’t destroy your reputation and credibility).


  • You don’t need a degree to be an affiliate marketer.
  • There are very few obstacles to starting this side hustle as an introvert.
  • You can work from home or anywhere, and at your own time and pace.
  • This is a good passive income stream that you will earn a lot from after you’ve put in the hard work to build an audience.


  • You have to convince people to pay for goods and services so you definitely need to learn some marketing skills.
  • There are MLM schemes, Ponzi schemes, investment scams, etc disguised as affiliate marketing programs. Be careful not to fall for those lies.

9. Selling High-Quality Stock Photos, Footage, and Vector Content

Selling Stock Photos side hustle idea



Another side hustle idea for introverts is selling photos and short video clips that you own all the rights to on websites like Shutterstock, GettyImages, Adobe, and Pond5.

Hold up…just because you can sell photos to these stock image websites doesn’t mean you can sell your best selfies or TikTok short videos. No, you can only sell high-quality and special photos whether they’re outdoor, nature, seasonal, or generic scenes.

Usually, these websites have specific guidelines that guide the kind of pictures they can purchase from you.

Note: While reading more about this side hustle, I found out that you can earn money on websites like Unsplash where you can upload pictures for free. According to the article I read, a top photographer on Unsplash claimed to have earned a few thousands of dollars through his top-quality images on Unsplash whose licenses were bought by some businesses who found his photos on Unsplash.

So even if you’re just starting in this niche, you can try uploading your top-quality images on free stock image websites like Unsplash as well.

Pros & Cons

  • Unfortunately, I can’t really provide you with any pros and cons of this side hustle as one of the lucrative side hustles for introverts because I don’t have any experience with it and I don’t know anyone who does.

Special Tips: If you’re interested in this side hustle, you can:

10. Sell Your Designs

Sell your designs side hustles idea for introverts

Are you a creative introvert who is good at creating designs or unique concepts, graphics, or pictures with apps like Photoshop, InDesign, Corel Draw, Adobe, or Canva? Then you can make some income by selling your designs.

There are so many ways you can monetize your creativity and designs as one of the side hustles for introverts. Some of them include:

  • Creating and Selling Hand-Lettered Fonts, Infographic designs, printables, logos, vectors, etc
  • Selling Designs for On-Demand T-Shirt Printing with Teespring, Printful, or Merch by Amazon Program.
  • Creating and Selling Customized Social Media Templates for Instagram Stories and Pinterest.
  • You can work as a freelance graphic designer designing logos, vectors, graphics, etc for clients on various freelancing platforms including Fiverr and Upwork.

Frankly, there are many ways and places that you can sell your designs online. What’s important is doing your research and choosing the best platform and side hustle option that suits your needs as an introvert.


  • You can easily work from home.
  • You don’t need a college degree to be a good designer.
  • If you’re very creative and good at creating unique designs, you’ll be able to earn good money with this side hustle.


  • If you don’t already have great design skills and familiarity with design software and tools, it may be hard to make money with this side hustle.
  • You may need some marketing skills to make this side hustle work. (This is not really a con if you can do your due diligence and take a few  digital marketing courses)

11. Online Tutoring

online tutoring side hustle idea

If you like to teach, you can try one of the lucrative side hustles for introverts like online tutoring.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, online tutoring as a business or side hustle has significantly soared.

As long as you have a stable internet connection, a quiet environment, lots of knowledge, and great teaching skills, you can start tutoring online from home.

You can teach school work to kids or students, you can also teach adults different topics they may be interested in. A popular topic that adults learn online would be languages including English.

With online tutoring, you have different options. You can teach on your own platform (such as your website or on your youtube channel) or you can teach on tutoring platforms such as Chegg and Wyzant.


  • You can work from your home, office, or anywhere you like.
  • You can monetize your knowledge.
  • You can help others understand things in the easiest and best ways you know.


  • Your schedules may conflict with the schedules of your student depending on your real job and whether you’re doing live online tutoring.
  • Don’t teach what you’re not knowledgeable about.

12. Create a Youtube Channel

Start a youtube channel side hustle idea

If you’re an introvert like me who is camera-shy then you would be surprised at how many introverts own and manage Youtube Channels.

I tried to do some research to see if I could find statistics about the number of introverts who are Youtubers but I couldn’t. However, during my research, I saw Reddit threads with people naming a few introverted Youtubers here and there. From my experience as an avid youtube watcher, I have also heard many YouTubers admit that they are introverted.

So if you have watched Youtube channels while thinking, “If only I was an extrovert, I would have liked to open a Youtube Channel”, please open one.

Don’t place limitations on yourself because you’re an introvert. Although there are a lot of elements to owning a Youtube channel including marketing and networking, anyone can do it even if you’re an introvert.

Special Tip: Here is some help for creating videos as an introvert and a few youtube channel ideas for introverts.


  • This is another work-from-home side hustle for introverts. You can create content for your Youtube Channel from your home, your office (after office hours), or anywhere you want.
  • You can choose the time you create, edit and manage your Youtube Channel content.
  • You don’t need a college degree to own a Youtube channel. However, you do need a viable Youtube niche that would guide the content you produce (If you don’t know what this means, google it and do your research).


  • Owning a Youtube Channel requires a lot of dedication, determination, and discipline. For any youtube channel to grow, there must be consistency and you must produce quality content. Can you persevere?
  • You will need to do a little bit of marketing and networking. Thankfully, the extent to which you do this is entirely dependent on you (Please try to reply to your Youtube channel comments regularly).

Remember, Don’t place yourself in any box that restricts or limits you. Because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t excel at an “extrovert-friendly” side hustle, job or gig. What’s important is knowing your limits, personality and finding a side hustle that complements it.

13. E-commerce and Dropshipping

E-commerce side hustles for introverts

If you buy products online from sites like Etsy, Amazon, or Jumia, then you probably already have an inkling of what e-commerce is. If you don’t, e-commerce is simply the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. You can buy stuff and sell on eBay, Poshmark, Etsy, etc, all that’s important is your packaging model (How you distinguish yourself from others).

If you set it up the right way, e-commerce can be a really profitable side hustle for you. And the best part is that there are so many different types and models of e-commerce businesses that you can start. One such profitable e-commerce model is dropshipping which you may or may not have heard about.

To start an e-commerce business depending on the model you have chosen, you will need to do research and take courses.

Special Tip: I know someone in Nigeria who invested a lot of time, effort, and money into creating an e-commerce store. For the first 12 months or so, he hardly made any profit from his e-commerce dropshipping store. But since then till now, he has been making huge profits with e-commerce.


  • You can work from home or anywhere in the world (as a traveler or digital nomad).
  • This is a very profitable side hustle that can become your full-time business which you manage alone or manage with other people.


  • A profitable e-commerce business is not built in a day. Before you break even and start making profit, it may take you months or years (depending on how well you know your craft and how dedicated you are to honing it).
  • E-commerce, including dropshipping, requires a lot of experimentation to see what works for you. This is because the method and style that worked for someone else may not work for you.
  • You need digital marketing knowledge to successfully run an e-commerce business.

14. Create Online Courses

create online courses side hustle

If you don’t feel comfortable doing live online tutoring or creating a youtube channel, another of the side hustles of introverts that you can try is creating online courses.

This is a side hustle that you can do from the comfort of your home and at any time of the day that suits your schedule. And once you create an extensive or intensive evergreen course, you’re sure to continue earning money with it on autopilot for a long while.

Another advantage of this side hustle is that you have many options for creating a good course. You can choose to show your face to the camera or not. Here are some of your options for creating online courses:

  • You can create the script for your course and get a freelance model or someone else to record videos based on the script.
  • Depending on the kind, of course, you’re creating, you can also use only your voice and a screen video recorder to capture your laptop screen throughout the course tutorials.
  • You can also use video creation apps like lumen5 to create text-based courses.
  • Whiteboard animation videos are also an option.

Regardless of what option you choose, you can create and sell your courses on platforms such as Teachable, Thinkific, Udemy, etc.

Special Tip: If you’re interested in creating courses, you should check out Amy Porterfield, she creates courses and teaches people how to do so too. She is also an entrepreneur and she has a really interesting podcast.


  • You can create your courses from your home, office, or any location that’s comfortable for you.
  • You can create courses at any time you’re free.
  • If you’re an expert and you have a lot of experience with something that answers people’s questions or solves people’s problems, this is a good side hustle for you.


  • You must create a highly relevant and well-researched course. If you can’t do that, you’ll get a lot of bad reviews.
  • There is a lot of competition in the niches that actually sell. But if your course is valuable and you market it well, you will surely get people to buy and give good ratings to your course.
  • Not all courses will sell, so you need to do your research and make sure you’re catering to a starving market.
  • You need marketing knowledge to successfully launch and market your course.

15. Start a Local Business

Start a local business side hustle idea

Look around you, what problems can you solve in your community or even online. I started Amevng (a local business based in Nigeria) when I was still in the university (about five years ago) and I’m still making money with it till today.

There are countless profitable local-based businesses that you can start as long as you are ready to put in the work. Other than work, something you need to keep in mind is that you may not make so much profit in the early stages of your business but as you get better at what you do and start scaling your business, your profits will increase.

Here are some local side businesses that you can start:

  • Freelance Residential or Commercial Cleaning Services (Housekeeper.com)
  • Cake Baking or Snack Making
  • Catering Business
  • Rearing Livestock.
  • Reselling Data Bundles, Cable TV Subscriptions, Bulk SMS, and Airtime in Nigeria
  • Errand Running (TaskRabbit)
  • House Seat for Vacationers with sites like MindMyHouse or TrustedHouseSitters.
  • Food and Goods Delivery: UberEats, Instacart, DoorDash, PostMates, etc
  • Become a Mystery Shopper
  • Local Rental Service: There are many things you can rent out locally so all you just need to do is sit down and think of a problem gap in your environment that you can close. I have heard the story of a young man who bought a bouncing castle and started renting it out to parents and kids doing parties in his neighborhood every weekend.
  • Pet Sitting: If you don’t like interacting with people, then one side hustle that you can take up is pet sitting or dog walking. Recently, I was listening to the School of Podcasting podcast and I heard the story of a couple who had had a pet sitting side hustle business for almost nine years. They had managed to start a podcast about pet sitting and it was very successful and profitable. That’s just one proof that pet sitting is a business you can start and earn lucratively with.

Look around you carefully and you’ll definitely find a good local side business that you can start.

Special Tip: For those interested in starting a pet sitting business, you can use a Pet sitting service marketplace like Rover to get started. They usually take a cut of every pet sitter’s profit, but if you do your job well, your business would probably expand with referrals from your current customers.


  • The type of local business you choose to start as your share of the side hustles for introverts still depends on your preferences.
  • You can easily scale local businesses and hire other people to do the work for you.
  • You can easily pick a local business where you don’t need a college degree.
  • If you’re truly solving a problem that no one else is solving and you’re providing the best solutions, your business will expand with customer referrals and word-of-mouth advertising.


  • The bureaucracy of starting a local business, depending on your country of residence.
  • For most of the lucrative side hustles for introverts, you would have a lot of competitors. But that’s not a problem, you can carve a niche for yourself by producing better, personalized solutions for your customers, or special customer service.

16. Investment


As you make money from your day job, your main hustle or side hustle, one of the side hustles for introverts that you must never neglect (introvert or not) is investing your money. It is your best way to make your money work for you.

Frankly, I used to be a money hoarder. I didn’t like to see money leave my bank account. I was all about continually pushing money into the bank and saving. However, this year as I expand my knowledge diligently and as the Nigerian Naira becomes less valuable, I’m beginning to understand the importance of investments. I’ve also started taking steps to build my investment portfolio.

While choosing investment opportunities, you must also be careful to avoid investment scams that will make you lose your money.

There are so many types of investments these days. People are investing in real estate, stocks, cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, and so on. I have also heard of Alternative Investing (Something you really need to research) like crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and business lending. You need to do your due diligence (lots and lots of research) to pick the best investment strategies for yourself.

The best thing is you don’t have to do it alone. You have access to the internet and lots of resources relating to investing. To make things easier for you, you can start with Youtube for your research or ask your friends and family. If you’re a woman (or man), you can check out the Clever Girl Finance website or Youtube Channel for free finance-related resources.

Special Tip: Don’t sit on this side hustle at all, get started working on it immediately.


  • You don’t have to work on this side hustle daily once you’ve found a good investment. All you need to do is check on your investments as regularly as you need to (depending on the investment).
  • This is a great source of passive income.
  • With the right financial education, you can make a lot of money through investment.


  • Investing can be a really slow way to make money and you will most likely not be making so much money (but it’s still better than letting your money sit idly in the bank).
  • Investing can tie your money down if you don’t have the right strategies in place such as emergency savings.
  • Wrong investment choices could cost you your money. That’s why it is important to understand your investment and your investment risk tolerance levels.

17. Translation or Interpretation Services

translation or interpretation services

If you’re fluent in two languages, you can try providing a translation service.

This is another one of those freelancing side hustles for introverts. All you need to do to get started is to get a good freelancing site like Upwork or Fiverr and start translating for clients.

But you must have a good command of both languages before becoming a freelancing translation or interpretation service.


  • This is a less competitive side hustle. Not many people can speak two languages fluently enough to provide translation services.


  • You need to be greatly fluent in at least two languages to provide translation services.

18. VoiceOver Acting

Voiceover acting side hustle

Voiceover Acting is another lucrative side hustle for introverts. You may think it’s an easy one but it’s not. It requires specialized skills and control over your voice.

If you don’t mind talking so much, you can give this side hustle a try.

Special Tip: You can learn more about voice-over acting as a side hustle from this podcast about a lady who earns up to $3000 an hour with her voiceover side business.


  • You can work from home or anywhere you want (but a silent background is very important).
  • This is also a somewhat flexible side hustle business as you can choose your recording time and it gets easier as you master the needed skills.
  • It’s not as competitive as some other side hustles for introverts but it is somewhat competitive.


  • You need good audio equipment.
  • You need to get trained to use your voice.
  • Most freelance voiceover actors don’t earn “$3000 an hour”. To earn even less than a fraction of this, you need to get someone who can show you the way into the voiceover acting top league before you can start earning a lot of money.

Side Hustles for Introverts with Little to No Business Potential you can try out:

19. Take Surveys

In your downtime, while watching TV or waiting in a long queue, you can take surveys and earn some extra income for yourself.

Some surveys you can try include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, American Consumer Opinion, etc.

20. Participate in Focus Groups

A focus group is part of a research technique that collects data from the interactions of a group of people with experience in a particular niche or with experience using a particular type of product. This group is assembled to participate in detailed discussions about whatever niche or product to help facilitate product design, new product launch, product development, etc.

Unlike Surveys with really low rates, you can earn up to $50 on a single focus group. Read about Online Focus Groups here.

21. Participate in Customer Interviews

Most companies need feedback on their recently launched products. And they are willing to pay to get that feedback with customer interviews.

You can give feedback about products you’ve used with sites like User Interviews and Respondent.io.

How to Find and Start Successful Side Hustles for Introverts

Finding the Right Side Hustle for you

Step 1: Create a list of your hobbies, talents, and skills.

Step 2: Create a shorter list of the hobbies, talents, or skills you wouldn’t mind spending your spare and leisure time on

Step 3: Make a list of side hustles related to the list created in step 2.

Create this list while asking yourself questions like: Does this idea fit into my current schedule? or Is this side hustle idea viable?

Step 4: Research. Research, Research!

This is the most important part of finding the right side hustle for you. Watch Youtube videos, listen to podcasts, and if possible, reach out to people who have started that side hustle you’re interested in. This is because you need to get an insider’s view of your side hustle.

Step 5: Get Started

Don’t put it off till forever. And don’t research for ten thousand years. Sometimes, the best way to learn about something is to just do it.

Tips for Starting Successful Side Hustles for Introverts

  1. Find out the specific amount of time and money you will need to invest in your side hustle before you start making any profit.
  2. Make sure that your side hustle has no conflict of interest with your job. If it does and you’re not ready to lose your job, you should probably shelf that side hustle for later.
  3. Create a schedule for your side hustle so that it doesn’t affect your job.
  4. In this blog post, I mentioned three words frequently: Determination, Discipline, and Dedication. These terms are vital to the success of your side hustle.

The Ball is in Your Court

I’ve tried my best to provide you with as much information as possible. You can now decide your next step.

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If you have any questions, you can leave a comment and I will surely answer your question.

If you also have any suggestions, you can leave them, I’ll be glad to consider them. Thanks for reading.

Bonus: To learn more about some of the side hustles in this article, you can check this Youtube video by Ali Abdaal:


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