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Toggl Track Tutorial: How to Use Toggl for Time Tracking and Time Management

In this toggl track tutorial video, I will be showing you how to use the time tracking tool called Toggl Track to track your time and manage your time. I will be exploring the time tracking features of this productivity tool and how you can use them to manage or track your time as a freelancer or someone who works from home like me. I will also be exploring how you can use the reporting features of this tool for time management purposes.

Basically, this toggl track review will show you how you can use the toggle time tracking software to be more productive.

Here are the resources for this video:
Create your Toggl Track Account and start tracking your time: https://toggl.com/track/

Why track your time?

  • To understand how much time it takes to complete certain projects
  • To help you value your time better
  • To help you know how to price your services as a freelancer

Why use Toggl Tracker

  • It’s free
  • You can categorize your time
  • They have an easy to understand reporting systems
  • You can go back to add the times you worked
  • You can track and sync time used on pc and mobile

Using Toggl Tracker

  • Choose how you want to use Toggl tracker – Track work time, all your time, or track your sleep
  • Start the timer with project, tags and colors
  • Add Clients to projects
  • Continue an activity
  • Delete a time entry
  • Editing time entry
  • Using Toggl tracker’s manual mode


  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Summary report
  • Calendar view & all the other views


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